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Offering a full range of Double Glazed window, door and conservatory installation services and repairs including a misted or broken glass sealed unit, a faulty door or window lock, a letterbox, faulty gasket or rubber seal, discoloured or missing plastic trims, a cat or dog flap, a broken handle or hinge, a faulty inner locking mechanism or cylinder, a conservatory roof panel, locksmith services, replacement or window and door refurbishment etc.

"Two decade's of incomparable excellence"

Domestic repairs and refurbishment.

Bulk suppliers of parts and pvcU product.

Commercial maintenance.

Installation of pvcU product.

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Sabresharp Limited - Head Office, Easifix House, Oakwood Ind. Estate, Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15 4TL
Registration No.2248080
For all of your Double Glazed Window, door and conservatory roof requirements, whether you need a polycarbonate or decorative panel, a replacement glass sealed unit, replacement gasket or rubber seal, replacement plastic trims, a lock, a handle, a hinge, a window or door repair, locksmith services, or even a cat or dog flap.